Measurements & Goals

I weighed and measured myself today. Oh my gosh, was that depressing. I’m not shocked by the numbers, but every time I think about it I wonder to myself, “How did I let myself get this bad?” I’m tired of feeling this way, so here I am sharing information about myself that I’d never even tell my best friend… My weight and measurements. Also, I’ll weigh in once a week and measure myself once a month (or more if I feel like I’m making noticeable progress)

  • Weight: 245.5 lbs
  • Chest (Biggest part): 46″
  • Waist (At belly button): 42.5″
  • Hips (Top of butt): 49″
  • Thigh (Biggest part): 28″
  • Calf (Biggest part): 16.5″
  • Neck: 14.5″
  • Bicep (Halfway to elbow): 15.5″
  • Forearm (Biggest part): 11.5″

I’m not proud of those numbers, but even worse are the pictures. Since I’m going to try and be fully honest in this blog, here’s some before pictures. This is the last day I will look like this. From here on out, I will improve. 🙂



I would also like to cover some of my more specific goals, both short term and long term

Short Term Goals:

  1. Be a size 14. Why? Because 14 is the “smallest” plus size. It seems a little silly to make that a short term goal (even though it will take me a little while to get there considering I’m a 18/20 right now), especially when 14 is bigger than my ultimate size goal. For whatever reason, I want this to be a goal. Not gonna argue with it, just achieve it. 🙂
  2. Get through the first month of Insanity. I know the program is 2 months long (and I’ll probably repeat it more than once) but I think 1 month is a nice starting point. I can celebrate that I got half way through (even though I’ve been told month 2 makes month 1 look easy :P)

Specific Long Term Goals:

  1. I want to feel confident in a bathing suit. I’d even like to shoot for feeling good in a bikini. I don’t want to look like a swim suit model, I just want to feel good.
  2. Be a size 8. Maybe even smaller (I am 5’3″ so a size or so smaller would look nice too. I’ll see how I feel once I accomplish a size 8 and if I want to maintain a size 8 or go for more)
  3. Be healthy and feel good. I don’t want to be achy after standing on my feet all day like I do now.

So tomorrow I will start my Insanity program (the FedEx website says it will be here TOMORROW! :D) I’m ready for it!


About insanitysam24

21 year old female looking to improve her quality of life in every way possible!

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